If there weren't non haiku, there wouldn't be haiku

Under this category come not-quite, distant cousins, misconceptions, and perhaps even poetry .

not quite haiku:

Distant cousins :

Tanka, sijo, epigrams, proverbs, maxims, axioms, apothegms ...

Misconception :

Anything written in 3 lines of 5- , 7- , and 5 - syllables (respectively) is automatically haiku.

Poetry :

Haiku don't have titles, don't necessarily rhyme, use common speech, don't follow metrical scansion, aren't necessarily written to pre-set topics ... in short, they can be rather different from the stuffed owl many take as poetry. If, however, by poetry, is meant making meaning of life out of life itself, then haiku are poetry, and so is religion, and so is life

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